Suppliers of Commercial Grade front of wall Plumbing products for hospitals, residential care facilities and home modification groups.

Tonjac’s collection of products is suited for use in hospital and residential care facility bathrooms. The products are also suitable for home modifications to ensure safe access for those requiring readily usable showers, tap ware and toilet seats. Retail pricing is shown on our open website pages. Commercial customers should log in their account to see their commercial prices. Commercial customers yet to register a website account are encouraged to contact us for assistance with this process

Regular visitors may notice a change to our webstore display. We have rearranged a few categories to make your search easier.

Ourr ranges include:

  • Water saving Bondi Single Function Showers  – 4 star rated with 7.5LPM flow (for high pressure systems). Hand showers are light weight but very durable; the single function shower rose on adjustable brass arm features brass ball joint for durability.
    Several assisted living configurations are also displayed under the Assisted Living heading. Assisted living showers include a second shower arm mount to assist those users who may need to be seated while showering.

  • Manly Single function showers – 3 star rated with 9LPM flow (for high pressure systems). A serviceable and comfortable no-nonsense shower. Similar to the Bondi, assisted living options in this model are available too.
    This model has also been tested and registered (without a flow controller) for use with low pressure systems, our WiseWater Range.
  • Sorrento multi function showers – 3 star rated with 9LPM flow (for high pressure systems). This shower features three individual settings - regular shower setting, intense massage and luxurious aeration and combinations of these. These showers have also shown themselves to be very durable. As for our previous models assisted living variants are available as well.

  • Vandal Proof Shower selection. A small but very robust group of showers suitable for use in high traffic areas.