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Bondi1 Single Function hand shower

Bondi1 Function hand piece – available in Chrome finish, grey face grey nipples, Chrome finish, grey face blue nipples, and White finish, white face blue nipples.
WELS Registration No: S14766 and variants
WELS Model name: Bondi1
4 Star WELS Rating and 7.5LPM flow rate

Benefits of the Bondi1 function hand piece

  • Classic and elegant styling
  • Lightweight, robust and easy to clean
  • 45 spray jets delivering an evenly dispersed spray pattern and comfortable water pressure
  • 4 Star WELS rating providing water and energy saving benefits




Believe it or not, there is a standard for the performance of showers for bathing.

Showers appear in many forms including shower roses on fixed or adjustable arms, showers with integrated mixing valves, handheld showers connected to flexible hoses that use either a fixed wall handset holder, a holder attached to a slide rail, or a holder attached to a bath or shower mixer. That said, a great looking shower may not always provide a great shower experience.

Market research has found that the following characteristics are key to good showering experience - water flow rate; temperature drop (from the shower face to the lower limb); temperature stability; spray pattern (evenly dispersed) and comfort and effectiveness of showers that flow below 7.5 litres per minute (LPM).

The Standard determines the tests to be passed so showers sold in Australia will conform to the standard and supply an acceptable showering experience.

The Water efficient products – rating and labelling standard uses the test results to determine the rating to be applied to showers sold in Australia. Presently the star rating ranges from Zero to 4 Stars. Most showers in the Australian market fall into the 3 Star or 4 Star categories. Having passed the requisite tests, the rating is determined by water flow rate. Generally, the more water your shower uses the lower the star rating.

The benefits of a 4 Star shower are tied to water and energy saving. Clearly, a shower that flows at 7.5LPM uses a lot less water than one that flows at 16LPM or more. As water is increasingly recognized as a precious resource, anything we do to economize our use of this resource has to be good. Secondly, most of us enjoy a warm shower and for this the water needs to be heated. Using less water to shower, means we need to heat less water, thereby saving energy.